Rob is committed to protecting our wildlife from human interference; he sponsors the work of the ShadowView Foundation, an organisation providing Unmanned Aerial Systems for environmental, conservation and humanitarian relief operations.

ShadowView have worked with a variety of high profile non-profits and NGOs to offer practical monitoring solutions when faced with large tracts of land or sea to cover. Effective monitoring is the significant first step in protecting our natural environment, its people and its wildlife.

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Rob is a sponsor of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and is passionate about the safeguard of our marine ecosystems against illegal human activities.

Since 1977, Sea Shepherd’s mission has been to defend, conserve and protect marine wildlife through direct action on the high seas, as well as through education and working within legal systems. Campaigns to date are helping to protect Bluefin Tuna, Dolphins, Coral Reefs, Sea Lions, Seals, Sharks and Whales.

Visit the Sea Shepherd website